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HERU Consciousness & The Galactic Transformation                          

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About Priestess Het Heru RaMut

Hmt Netert Het Heru RaMut Bastet Ra Maat is a high priestess of the shrine of MWT EM UAA, AMUN, KHONSU HERU and HERU EM AKHETI. Hmt Neter Het Heru RaMut (aka Priestess Het Heru) teaches the sacred "womb science" and matricentric philosophy of the ancient Nile Valley Civilization to both adults and youth. In particular, her work is geared towards those who are seeking to re-mem-ber their sacred roots by assisting in them in "inner-standing" their ancient spiritual culture as well as the Higher Consciousness (the androgynous consciousness of HERU) that we are being blessed to experience in this "new millennium". Priestess Het Heru also teaches the ancient meditation and healing system of the Nile Valley Civilization so that one can benefit during this wondrous planetary transformation and achieve greater SELF-awareness. Her work focuses on the prehistoric GODDESS culture and its reverence of the GODDESS and GOD within the spirit of humanity.

Priestess Het Heru has been committed to educating the community about prehistoric Afrakan culture and civilizations for over 15 years. At the State University of New York at New Paltz she did her undergraduate studies in International Relations with a concentration in Africa and minored in Elementary Education. In addition, Priestess Het Heru has taught in both elementary and junior high schools, where she taught social studies. She has also facilitated teacher trainings (Imani Educational Center, a Philadelphia charter school) in Afrakan Spiritual Culture. Priestess Het Heru has lectured and taught workshops on ancient Afrakan studies at the university level as well and she has lectured at ASCAC (The Association for the Study of Classical African Civilizations) regional conferences throughout the country.

In her quest to reach our youth, Priestess Het Heru organized, promoted and facilitated "Rezurrection Time"! A two-day concert and symposium held at Temple University. "Rezurrection Time!" was organized to explore the Kemetic (ancient Afrakan-Egyptian) cultural retention's in Hip Hop. The event involved many members of the entertainment and activist communities. "Rezurrection Time" featured workshops, an Afrakan marketplace, special lecture presentations and a panel discussion. "Rezurrection Time" was hosted by Philadelphia's radio personality Tiffany Bacon of POWER99 FM and featured the "Father of Hip Hop"- KRS-ONE as the Keynote Speaker as well as Hip Hop performing artists Rha Goddess and Dead Prez as panelist. Local Hip Hop artists also performed. Priestess Het Heru RaMut has appeared on both television and radio including WBAI FM, WLIB AM and Channel 55 in NYC; 103.9FM, WHAT FM and POWER99 FM in Philadelphia, PA; KKCR FM in Kauai, Hawaii, 107.9FM in Cleveland, Ohio and WRFG in Atlanta, Georgia.

In addition, Priestess Het Heru owned and operated 'The MAAT Restored Project Collective', a Kemetic (ancient Afrakan-Egyptian) kultural center, Kemetic specialty gift store and Hip Hop Learning Center in Philadelphia, PA. The MAAT Restored Project Collective offered classes in ancient Afrakan studies for both adults and children. There Priestess Het Heru designed an educational program for both the after-school program and Summer day camp for children ages 5-17 years old. The Summer program's curriculum included Mdw NTR (hieroglyphics), Djembe drumming, African martial arts, mathematics, African meditative art, yoga, swimming and holistic health.

Subsequent programs included: "Hiphop Rezurrected" Spoken Word Open Mic to honor the Ancient Afrakan "GODDESS" of Creativity (HET HERU) and the Kemetic Kultural Retentions in Hiphop (hosted by Lady B of 103.9 FM), and "A Sacred Wombman" Ocean Healing Circle Honoring AST, The Ancient Mother Divinity held at Atlantic City Beach, New Je
rsey. Priestess Het Heru also organized and hosted "MC's Honoring the Feminine" at The Knitting Factory, NYC and designed a workshop performance in the NYC Public Library for youth called "Ho, Bitch and The Pimp Dog Syndrome": An Urgent Call to Reconstruct Black Sexuality and Self-Image. Priestess Het Heru has also taught, lectured or had private practice at Amadi Wellness & Education, Philadelphia, PA; Oasis at Sunrise in New York City; Black Gold Kultural Treasures in New Brunswick, NJ; Rutgers University, New Brunswick; Medgar Evers College, Brooklyn, NY; Soul Purity Wholistic Healing Center, NYC; The Cultural Center, Atlanta, GA; Temple University, Philadelphia, PA; Seton Hall University, S. Orange, N.J., Bikram Yoga Studio, Kapaa, Hawaii, The Yoga Studio, Wailua, Hawaii, Ujamma Institute, Columbus, Ohio, Sevananda?s Atlanta, Ga. and the Cheik Anta Diop Conference, Phil., PA.

The shrine of MWT EM UAA, AMUN, KHONSU HERU and HERU EM AKHETI in which Priestess Het Heru serves provides the sacred "womb science" and technology of the MerKA'ABA (electromagnetic energy field) governed over by the GODDESS SEKHMET for families, twin souls, and individuals. The services of past life regression therapy, GODDESS oracle readings, spiritual counseling, meditation instruction, spiritual baths and sacred shamanic art (digital, oil and collage) called Sakred Kreationz..Priestess Het Heru's art works (Sakred Kreationz) have been exhibited at various galleries and institutions throughout the u.s.a. Her upcoming book, "Prehistoric Shamanic Rock Art of the Great Mother GODDESS MUT" is due to be published in the Spring of 2010. "Prehistoric Shamanic Rock Art of the Great Mother GODDESS MUT" is an art ("womb-story") book which features thirty percent of Priestess Het Heru's own art work, as well as prehistoric African rock art, megaliths and archeological relics. Priestess Het Heru RaMut Bastet Ra Maat now resides and teaches in New York City.




Are you interested in attaining optimal womb health?

What steps have you taken lately to commit to your GODDESS SELF?

The POWER of Womb Flow Tele-circleis the most POWER-FULL of its kind in the ascension field. IT IS the answer for \"Sirius\" individuals. This is because each session will dramatically improve your Spirit, quality of life, health, work and personal relationships. Each session will expand your awareness and knowledge of SELF.

The POWER of Womb Flow Tele-circle is the most ascension-oriented, information-packed and valuable choice in spiritual, emotional and energetic health and healing. 

Monday April 4, 2011, 7:00pm - 9pm EST with High Priestes Het Heru RaMwt.

In this POWER-FULL tele-circle High Priestess Het Heru will share the ancient GODDESS \'womb wisdom\' and modalities for optimal womb health and spiritual power. Wombman will learn HOW to increase womb Qi (vital energy), restore reproductive organs, clear & energize the \'womb chakra\', establish GODDESS Directive Womb Power as well as the power of utilizing ancient GODDESS moon rituals.

Wombman will also learn HOW to increase vaginal and breast Qi; how to strengthen vaginal muscles for harmonal balance; increasse sexual energy, sexual fulfillment & spiritual power! In addition, wombman will learn which herbs helpto nourish and replenish the reproductive organs and how to detoxify the internal organs of toxic emotions.

Wombman will focus on deepening the relationship to the GODDESS within by utilizing HER ancient womb wisdom and healing tools. In addition, we will examine the necessity of spiritual, sexual, energetic and emotional healing for harmonious balance. Ancient GODDESS womb methodologies for SELF-empowerment and ascension will be employed. ONLY$34.00 a session! 

Winter Class Schedule 2017


Kemet Sunglazing: Brief exposure to sunshine may help ward off debilitating and deadly diseases such as osteoporosis, hypertension, depression, multiple sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, breast cancer, prostate cancer, and colon cancer. Sunlight is truly indispensable to our good health and peace of mind. Many people hide from the sun and deny themselves of the sun?s healing powers. They fear the sun?s damaging ultra-violet rays. However, ancient history tells us the human race evolved and thrived under the light and energy of the sun! In this workshop you will learn the ancient sunglazing techniques for revitalization. Taught by Priestess Het Heru 

MAAT: Her Divine Cosmic Order, Universal Laws, Principles, Code of Ethics & Ancient Spiritual Culture. 6 weeks online webinar 





Priesthood Training

Determined through oracle readings.


Sacred Counseling (In person or phone)

Individual, couple and family counseling. Synergetic, wholistic counseling for those seeking spiritual, emotional, mental and physical healing. Individual, $100 per hour, Couples and families, $135 per hour. Session are generally 1 ½ hour.


Sacred Oracle Readings (In person or phone)

Sacred NTRU (deity) and ancestral readings provide the spiritual blueprint for one to receive the guidance necessary for success in life. $150.00


Past Life Regression and Negative Energy Clearing

This is a profound experience for those seeking to "innerstand" themselves on a deeper level. It provides the memory of the superconscious mind in which past life memory is accessible. $250.00


MerKabic Activation (for individuals, couples & families)

The MerKA'ABA or Merkaba is a 55? electromagnetic energy field that surrounds the physical body. It commonly referred to as the ?Light Body?. The Merkaba encompasses the 13 Ariti (Chakras) and 32 Meridian energy centers. These fields of energy are invisible to the naked eye and are hi tech spiritual/electromagnetic protection against electromagnetic and mind control technologies as well as the diminishing geo-magnetic of the earth. The MerKA'BA is governed over by the ancient GODDESS SEKHMET and is also attuned to the energy grids of the Sahkbu (Pyramids at Giza in Egypt & the Sphinx) during the Asarian Resurrection (Planetary Ascension). This allows for attunement to the higher frequencies of Spdt (the Sirius Star system), the Sah (Orion) constellation and the sacred portals of the GODDESSES SEKHMET and NEITH at the Galactic Center. These are sacred, divine, inner portals for resurrection of the ba or soul. The activation of SEKHMET's MerKA'ABA awakens the UDJAT (psychic eye) to these higher frequencies for Higher Consciousness as well as lightens density. The MerKA?ABA also shifts the consciousness from the 3rd dimension of matter to the consciousness of HERU (Higher Consciousness/SELF beyond the 3rd dimension of matter). In addition, the MerKA'ABA improves one?s overall health of the ariti (charkas) and meridians by allowing one?s Ki (Qi or Vital Energy) to flow more efficiently after activation. $550.00


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